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Kinesiology & Health Science Majors

The KHS department offers several academic majors. Read below to find out more about each of our academic majors.

Health Education & Promotion

A Health Education & Promotion Degree with the KHS Department give student the ability to work in various Health Education fields. If you choose to major in Health Education & Promotion, you can choose from two specific emphasis with that degree: Community Health Emphasis and Health Science Emphasis.


The kinesiology degree at USU provides three different options for students who wish to pursue careers in exercise science, physical therapy, or physical education. In all of these areas, students study the psychological, neurophysiological, and biomechanical/biophysical aspects of human movement.Through mentoring, students are given the opportunity to conduct undergraduate research. The department collaborates with state health programs, parks and recreation programs, and local and regional school districts to provide students with opportunities for hands-on experience and professional training. Many graduates from the program are accepted into advanced degree programs in physical and occupational therapy or are admitted to medical schools.

Recreation Administration

Recreation Administration involves creating and implementing recreational activities for various groups in communities. Graduates of the program seek to provide meaningful activities and programs to help improve the quality of life for those they serve. In this program, students develop business skills, including budgeting and personnel management. They also learn about program development and how to direct and administer recreational programs, such as campus, intramurals, youth groups, and outdoor leadership programs. Additionally, students learn how to measure the success of these programs with the goal of understanding the needs of diverse populations, improving programs, and providing meaningful services for organizations and communities.