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Master of Sports Management

 Program Description

The Sports Management program is a professional degree offered fully online, focusing on administration and management within the sports industry. The curriculum is designed and strives to provide students with a comprehensive and well-rounded degree that will include content in the areas of finance, marketing, legal issues, event and facility management, sociology, ethics, and leadership as they apply to sports.

As a professional degree, an important part of the Sports Management program is a strong experiential learning component in the form of a required internship and other learning experiences within the sports industry throughout course work. Students will leave the program well prepared to be leaders within the disciplines related to sports administration.

The goals and learning outcomes of this program are:

  1. Incorporate an understanding of ethical, legal, and socio-cultural issues in managerial decision-making and policy determinations in sports;
  2. Employ sound principles of strategic planning, financial management, risk management, and human resource management in sports;
  3. Apply fundamental knowledge and practical understanding of sports marketing, communication, and event management principles;
  4. Utilize critical thinking and abstract reasoning skills in analyzing sports management issues and in managerial planning and decision-making;
  5. Demonstrate information literacy and oral, written, and group communication skills;
  6. Develop research skills and utilize sound theoretical frameworks relevant to the different aspects of the sports industry. 

For more information visit the USU Catalog or USU Degree Finder.


Prerequisite Requirements

Candidates for the sports management program are expected to have completed an undergraduate degree in good standing. There is no prerequisite or restriction on what undergraduate degrees are acceptable. Student are accepted from many different educational backgrounds.

Application Requirements

Students desiring to enroll in the sports management program must be admitted to the Utah State University School of Graduate studies. The application requires the following:

  • Official transcripts from all previously-attended colleges and universities
  • Overall GPA on the last 60 semester or 90 quarter credits taken must be 3.0 or above.
  • Three letters of recommendation. All letters of recommendation should be professional references. Two letters should come from faculty members.
  • Statement of purpose responding to the prompt below:
    • Please upload a statement of purpose addressing why you are interested in the Masters of Sport Management program at Utah State University. Describe you interest in the sport management industry and why would you want a career in the industry. What makes you an ideal candidate for Masters of Sport Management program and a career in the sports industry? Highlight the aspects of your education, life attributes and career that have prepared you to succeed in the program. Where do you see yourself professionally and personally in five years?

International students have additional requirements that they need to meet and because this program is 100% online the program may not meet the needs of VISA requirements to study in person in Logan.

The deadline to apply for the Fall semester is July 1 and the deadline to apply for the Spring semester is December 1. The deadline for international students is May 1 if they are interested in starting during the Fall semester. International students have an earlier deadline as they need to meet the visa requirements.

Learn more and apply through the USU Graduate School.

Program Requirements

The established curriculum is structured to meet both the professional and accreditation standards of the program.  However, faculty advisors will work with each student to develop a program of study that is most appropriate for the student's background.  In special cases, the student’s committee may approve elective coursework outside of the listed program. Students that are particularly well prepared and have already completed elements of the core curriculum may substitute a required core course for a course that has strong content knowledge related to Sports Management.

Practicum Experiences

An important part of the Sports Management program will be the practicum experiences and projects. This will provide professional experience and experiential learning for the student. Students will complete six credits of practicum work as part of the degree.  Some students may also desire to complete a culminating project as an elective in their degree plan.  The student’s faculty supervisory committee must approve all projects in advance.

The practicum and projects will take place after the students work with their faculty advisor to pick an appropriate practicum experience of Sports Management significance. For the practicum, a written proposal containing a justification, proposed learning objectives, and proposed location of practicum will be submitted and approved by the student's supervisory committee before the practicum can begin.

These practicums will normally take place within the sports industry including, but not limited to, professional sports franchises, collegiate athletics, and sport national governing organizations. The student and their faculty advisor will work collaboratively to secure a quality practicum location. At the end of the practicum, the student will write a report and present on their practicum experience.  

Tracking Sheet

Students should be able to finish the requirements for this program in two years. Graduate students are considered full time if they are registered for 9 credts or 6 credits with a graduate assistantship. It is reccommended that students refer to the tracking sheets and their major professor when selecting courses for their program of study.

To access the tracking sheet for this program please visit the tracking sheet page.

Program Faculty

James Morton Travis Peterson Nate Trauntvein
James Morton Travis Peterson Nate Trauntvein


Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC)
Name: Melissa Johnson
Phone: 435-797-1495
Program Director
Name: Travis Peterson
Phone: 435-797-9324