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Graduate Students

KHS Mission

The mission of the Utah State University Department of Kinesiology and Health Science (KHS) is to optimally prepare future scholars, practitioners, and leaders and to increase the effectiveness of local and extended community services by providing evidence-based, applied educational programs and facilitating the attainment, advancement, and dissemination of knowledge in the disciplines of kinesiology and health science.

KHS Graduate Programs

Aligned with our department mission and vision statements we as a department, including faculty, staff, and valued alumni, work to build a community to support our students in their education as they prepare to pursue careers in their chosen fields. Within our department we house graduate programs in Sport and Physical Education, Health Education and Promotion, Fitness Promotion, Exercise Science, Sports Medicine, Sports Management, and Pathokinesiology. More information about our programs and student resources are available through the links below.



Contact Information

  •  Kinesiology and Health Science
  •  435-797-1495
  •  435-797-3759
  •  7000 Old Main Hill
  • Logan, UT 84322-7000

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