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Brennan Thompson

Brennan Thompson

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office Hours: Mon & Wed 11:30-1:00 pm
Office Location:

CCE 491

IconPhone: 435-797-5785


I direct the Neuromuscular Research Lab in the Sorenson Center for Clinical Excellence building. I also serve on graduate student committees and help supervise students in their research projects.


I received my bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Weber State University and my master's in Human Movement Science at Utah State University.  I completed my doctoral degree at Oklahoma State University in Applied Exercise Physiology in 2013. 

I have been an Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Science at USU since 2015.  Prior to coming to USU, I was a faculty at Texas Tech University where I also co-directed the muscular assessment lab. I am a member of the National Strength and Condition Association.


My core teaching interests relate to the physiology of the neuromuscular system.  I am especially interested in teaching how the application of the physiological-based principles governing the neuromuscular system affect human performance, and how exercise training can elicit favorable adaptations to benefit human movement across the lifespan.


My research interests encompass the physiological- and performance-based aspects of neuromuscular function.  Specifically, I am interested in understanding how physiology underpins the characteristics of neuromuscular fatigue and it's consequences to human performance, as well as the adaptations and beneficial health and performance outcomes that result from different resistance training protocols.  In the Neuromuscular Research Lab, we are interested in discovering or developing optimal strategies to improve neuromuscular health and function in virtually all populations, especially older adults.  


Neuromuscular Laboratory