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Breanna Studenka

Breanna Studenka

Associate Professor

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HPER 157

IconPhone: 435-797-0109


I grew up in Arvada, Colorado, surrounded by teachers.  My mother was an English teacher, my dad an Art and PE teacher, and my step mom a Special Education Teacher/Counselor/Public School Administrator.  I could see the impact they had on the kids they taught and decided I wanted to be a teacher.  Everyone thought I would grow up to be an elementary school teacher, but I loved learning so much, I just couldn’t leave academia.

I completed my BA in Kinesiology at the University of Northern Colorado in 2001 where I also competed in Cross-Country and Track and Field.  While at Northern Colorado I was able to complete an undergraduate thesis project on the effects of biomechanical and anthropometric measures on collegiate female 800 meter run success.  Following this, I decided to keep learning about motor control (my favorite class from my undergraduate degree).  I went to Purdue University with the goal of attaining a Masters degree, and I loved the academic environment so much (most of the time) that I continued on to get my Ph.D. After finishing my Ph.D. in 2008, I went on to do research at the University of Bielefeld (Bielefeld, Germany), McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario Canada), and Pennsylvania State University (State College, Pennsylvania).

When I was a kid I played every sport I could, including gymnastics, swimming, diving, dance, softball, soccer, volleyball, and skiing.  When I got to high school, I fell in love with Track and Field.  After college, and sick of running every day, I turned my focus to triathlon.  I continue to be interested in human movement as evidenced by my many active hobbies including skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, water-skiing, and triathlon.