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Maya Miyairi Steel

Maya Miyairi Steel

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office Location: Brigham City Campus
IconPhone: 435-919-1303


As a faculty member in the KHS Department at USU - Brigham City Campus, I have served as a faculty sponsor for a student group called SPEAK (students promoting eating disorder awareness and knowledge) USU chapter at the Brigham City Campus. I have also been involved in the Brigham Suicide Prevention Coalition since 2016. I also serve on graduate student committees for the HEP MPH program.


I received my masters degree in Exercise and Sport Science and my doctoral degree in Health Promotion and Education at the University of Utah. My dissertation research project, implemented a weight-related teasing prevention program at a Jr. high school in Sandy, Utah. I have previously developed and implemented exercise education programs at eating disorders residential facilities in Utah.

I used to provide exercise education at a eating disorder treatment facility before earning my doctoral degree. Since starting in my faculty position at USU in 2013, I have taught undergraduate courses for community health and health science programs through interactive video conference and online.


HEP 5400 - Prevention Strategies for Obesity and Disordered Eating (3 Credits) - Fall & Spring
HEP 5000 - Race, Culture, Class, & Gender Issues in Health (3 Credits) - Fall & Spring
HEP 4100 - Foundations of Community Health Education (3 Credits) - Fall Only
HEP 3700 - Introductory Epidemiology for Health Educators (3 Credits) - Spring Only


My research interests include:
Weight stigma and bias (e.g., weight-based bullying)
Innovative health promotion practices (e.g., Health at Every Size [HAES®])
Social justice issues (e.g., clery act, aging). 

All my research projects have been consistent with the themes which also aligned with her teaching agenda, and her goal is to expand the current projects to challenge existing health promotion strategies (e.g., diet culture) and public health policies related to the three themes.