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Talin Louder

Talin Louder

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office Location: SCCE 489


I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Science and researcher in the Dennis G. Dolny Movement Research Clinic, which is housed within the Sorenson Center for Clinical Excellence.


I received an AS from Southern Utah University, a BS in Exercise Science from Utah Valley University, a MS in Health and Human Movement from Utah State University, and a PhD in Disability Disciplines from Utah State University in 2017.

Prior to graduating from USU in 2017, I worked in manufacturing as an operations lead and engineer for 6 years. After graduating, I started my academic career as an Assistant Professor at the University of South Dakota. In Fall of 2019, I started at Utah State University as an Assistant Professor where I currently reside. I am a member of the American College of Sports Medicine Association.


I am interested in teaching activities that relate to the application of human movement science to the biomechanical expression, training, and rehabilitation of agile movement in humans.


I am interested in wearable technologies (e.g. MEMS IMU), sensorimotor and neuromuscular determinants of agile movement, and the aquatic environment as a therapeutic in exercise and rehabilitation.


Dennis G. Dolny Movement Research Clinic