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Eadric Bressel

Eadric Bressel

Department Head

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IconPhone: 435-797-7216


I am the coordinator for the Pathokinesiolgy PhD program, the Pre-PT faculty club advisor, the department Honors advisor, director of the Biomechanics laboratory, the department head for Kinesiology and Health Science. 


I received my B.S. (1994) and M.S. (1995) in exercise science from California State University, Fresno, and I received my PhD in biomechanics from the University of Northern Colorado (1999).  I then served as a postdoctoral fellow at Auckland University of Technology.

My early career included working as a bicycle mechanic and snow ski technician. Since about 1994 I have worked in academia as a teaching assistant, research assistant, postdoctoral fellow, assistant professor, associate professor and professor. currently my role is mostly administration. I am a member of the American College of Sports Medicine Association. 


Functional Anatomy


My predominant line of research examines biomechanical determinants of effective rehabilitative exercise. A current focus examines the effect of aquatic treadmill exercise on balance, cognitive function, or symptoms of arthritis.

Examples of current projects:
Using a dual task paradigm for assessing the effect of water immersion on brain activity
Acute and chronic effects of aquatic treadmill training on land treadmill running kinematics
Effect of water immersion and jet resistance on postural steadiness
Effect of aquatic treadmill exercise on treating symptoms of osteoarthritis

Biomechanics Laboratory