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David Bolton

David Bolton

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office Location:

HPER 142

IconPhone: 435-797-7329


After receiving my BSc in Human Kinetics (University of Guelph, Canada) I obtained my Master’s degree in Exercise and Sports Sciences (University of Florida, USA) where I studied upper limb motor recovery in stroke patients. I then completed my PhD degree in Neuroscience (University of Alberta, Canada) using both animal and human models to study balance regulation during walking. Following the PhD, I completed over three years of postdoctoral training at the University of Waterloo (Canada) where I helped develop a model to study cortical contributions to human balance. During this time, I also studied how the prefrontal cortex (an area critical for executive function) modifies sensory transmission according to task demands. Notably, my research into balance control has encompassed wide-ranging perspectives in an attempt to understand this complex and distributed form of sensorimotor control. Most recently, I was a research fellow at Queens University Belfast (United Kingdom) where I investigated neural adaptations that underlie motor learning, specifically addressing how these adaptations change with an aging nervous system. Collectively, my research over the past 15 years has provided insight into the neural control of balance and offered a greater understanding of how the nervous system is transformed by purposeful motor practice.