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2020-2021 Scholarship and Awards Virtual Celebration


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Each year during the spring is a special time as we look forward to graduation and celebrating the growth we have made throughout the previous year. The past couple of years have been crazy and required us to make changes and adapt to circumstances and we have learned how to do amazing things with the resources available to us. Looking back at this past year we want to recognize and celebrate the changes, accomplishments, and efforts made in our department. However, circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 virus have prevented us from coming together and celebrating our growth and accomplishments in person through these videos we are recognizing and highlighting a few of the many amazing faculty, staff, students, alumni, and donors we have here in the KHS department. As we are moving forward and adjusting to a new normal we hope to continue to adapt and apply the lessons we have learned through the pandemic times that we have used, with the help of everyone, that has helped us in providing remarkable experiences. Go Aggies!