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Lab Members


Lab Director

Matthew VierimaaMatthew Vierimaa, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology and Health Science

PhD, Kinesiology and Health Studies (Sport Psychology), Queen’s University (2016)
MSc., Kinesiology and Health Studies (Sport Psychology), Queen’s University (2012)
BSc., Kinesiology, Queen’s University (2010)

Email: matthew.vierimaa@usu.eduOffice: HPER 128
Telephone: 435-797-7323

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Graduate Student

Ross Budziszewski and his dogRoss Budziszewski

Program: M.S. Exercise Science 

Research Interests: My current research examines how peer interactions, both positive and negative, shape outcomes associated with youth sport involvement. While still honing in on a definitive research niche, other interests of mine involve examining moral disengagement in sport, understanding how group involvement impacts motivation in sport and exercise settings, and exploring the birthplace effect as a predictor of future sport success.

Career Aspirations: After I complete my master’s degree, I plan to pursue a PhD in Sport Psychology or a related field. 

Undergraduate Students

  • Emily Cooley
  • Aaron Newhall
  • Marcus Myers
  • Joe Della Lucia

Lab Alumni

  • Kyle Black
  • Katelin Wadsworth