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Sensory Motor Behavior Lab

The general research of the Sensory Motor Behavior Laboratory concerns how we plan for and control movements that occur in sequence.


  • Rhythmic timing
  • Planning of grasping for object manipulation and joint-action
  • Continuous sensory-motor coupling
  • How are discrete and smooth movements planned and controlled differently?


  • Timed rhythmic movement (tapping and circle drawing)
  • Grasp and move/place tasks
  • Joint action (handing another person an object)
  • Isometric force production 

Specific Projects:

  • Sequential and joint-action planning in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Pioneering of a novel non-linear assessment of movement variability following mTBI (concussion)
  • Brain imaging of fluent and dis-fluent speech and timing in stutterers and non-stutterers using Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS)

If you are interested in pursuing a Masters or PhD with Dr. Studenka in the Sensory Motor Behavior Laboratory at USU, please contact Dr. Studenka.

Kinesiology (MS)  Pathokenisiology (PhD)  Neuroscience (PhD)

If you are interested in becoming involved as an undergraduate researcher, please complete the required CITI training modules (so that you are eligible to work on Human Subjects Research in the lab), and contact Dr. Studenka with your name, goals, and availability for the semester.