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Neuromuscular Research Lab

The Neuromuscular Research Lab is focused on the physiological- and performance-based aspects of neuromuscular function ranging from the characteristics of neuromuscular fatigue to adaptations and beneficial responses of strength training.

A particular area of this research application emphasizes occupational and aging populations with the intent to enhance understanding of impaired performances and improve and/or restore optimal functionality and longevity in populations undergoing negative stressors which impair the neuromuscular systems.

A key focus is to enhance our understanding of how adaptations induced with strength training may counteract a number of negative consequences to neuromuscular physiology and performance, and how key strength training factors, such as training modality, volume, intensity etc., may best be suited to overcoming these negative neuromuscular stressors.


KHS students

Students' currently researching novel eccentric training model on short-term strength and muscle gains

published work

Lab recently publishes work in the Journals of Gerontology

rsearch lab

Coming soon... Neuromuscular Research Lab will move to the new Sorenson Legacy Foundation for Clinical Excellence building in March


Dr. Thompson's work on nurse fatigue is recognized in media