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The Neuromechanics Lab is currently housed in the room 203 of the HPER building with the Biomechanincs Lab and shares space in the Human Movement Clinic in the new Sorenson Center for Clinical Excellence Building.

Researchers or students working in the Neuromechanics lab will have access to:

  • Vicon Motion Capture
  • Neurolog Electromyography
  • Delsys Trigno Wireless Electromyography
  • Bertec and AMTI Forceplates
  • Stmisola electrical Stimulators
  • Force transducers and switches
  • APDM Opals
  • Eye Tracking
  • Virtual Reality
  • Labview, Matlab

Available through collaboration:

  • Perception-Action lab: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Electroencephalography & FNIRs
  • Sensory-Motor Behavior lab: ASL eye tracking and Motion capture

School Resources:

  • Statistical Consulting Studio

 Lab Equipment

lab instruments

Lab Facility 

Directions to...

Utah State University (USU)

USU is located in Logan, Utah. Driving directions to the university are available through the USU website.

The HPER building

The Neuromechanics lab is located in room 203 on the second floor of the HPER Building (7000 Old Main) at Utah State University. From Highway 91 in central Logan Utah take either E 500 N or E 600 N to N 700 E and follow it North to the closest parking (Big Blue Terrace) located directly across the street from the HPER building.

Sorenson Center for Clinical Excellence (SCCE) Builiding

Directions for the SCCE building can be found through the SCCE website.


Some visitor parking is available on campus.