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Exercise Physiology Lab

The Exercise Physiology Lab is used to study the acute responses and chronic adaptations to exercise. The equipment in the lab allows for the investigation of a variety of physiological systems and fitness parameters. For example, we can measure a person’s cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic responses to exercise as well as evaluate an individual’s balance, flexibility, and power.

Additionally, our collaborative work with the Body Composition Lab and the Neuromuscular Research Lab allows us to test nearly all aspects of clinical human physiology, physical fitness, and athletic performance.

The Exercise Physiology Lab is one of the most widely used labs in the Kinesiology and Health Science Department. It is used for instruction during the laboratory portions of KIN 4100 (Exercise Physiology), KIN 5100 (Fitness Assessment & Exercise Program Design), and several graduate courses. Many of our M.S. students also use this lab to collect data for their research projects. Finally, this lab is used for faculty wellness testing as well as community testing.

If you are interested in having a physiological test (e.g., pulmonary function, VO2max, etc.), please visit this link.


Please contact one of the lab faculty if you are interested in research opportunities within the Exercise Physiology Lab, either as a study participant or as a research assistant.