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Lab Testing Services


There are multiple body composition and physiological tests that our labs offer to USU and the community. If you are interested in a body composition or physiological assessment, please contact the lab coordinator, Mr. Jon Carey, He can answer your questions and help you to set up an appointment.

For general information about the testing services visit our frequenty asked questions (FAQ) page.


Test USU Students &
VO2 max w/gas analysis
This is the “gold standard” for measuring aerobic fitness. Oxygen consumption, ventilation, and energy expenditure are measured as exercise intensity is gradually increased until exhaustion. Test can be performed on either a treadmill or cycle ergometer.
$75 $110
Ultrasound Body Composition
Measurements of subcutaneous fat are taken at 3 sites and an estimate of body fat percentage is given.
$20 $30
Bod Pod Body Composition
Body mass, body volume, and body density are measured and body fat percentage is estimated from these measurements.
$45 (with measured thoracic gas volume)
$60 (with measured thoracic gas volume)
Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA) Body Composition - Not available until the Fall 2021 Semester
Attenuation of x-ray beams to measure segmental (limbs vs trunk) and total bone mass, lean mass, and fat mass.
$70 $100
Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA) BoneScan - Not available until the Fall 2021 Semester
Bone mineral content and bone mineral density at the femoral neck (hip) and lumbar spine.
$70 $100
Bioimpedance Spectroscopy Total Body Water
An estimate of total body water (as well as body fat percentage) is provided using multiple frequencies of electrical current.
$25 $35

Multi-component Body Composition
This is the “gold standard” research method of body composition testing. Basically, we take the best of our laboratory methods and combine them: body density from the Bod Pod, bone mineral content from DXA, and total body water from BIS.

$125 $180
Isokinetic Muscle Strength
Maximal strength can be obtained with the Biodex Isokinetic Machine. This is the “gold standard” for strength testing.
$20 $30
Power Testing
Explosive power is measured with the VerTek vertical jump. Mean and peak anaerobic power are measured with the Wingate test, a 30-second cycle test against high resistance. Testing is done on a Velotron cycle ergometer.
$40 $60
Resting Metabolic Rate
This test determines the rate at which calories are consumed while at rest. The test measures your oxygen consumption while you are lying comfortably.
$40 $60
Pulmonary Function/Spirometry
With a maximal inhalation and exhalation this test measures FVC, FEV1, and the FEV1/FVC ratio which can be used as an indicatory of asthma or COPD.
$10 $15

*All tests include an interpretation of the results. They do not, however, constitute a medical diagnosis.