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Body Composition Laboratory

The primary function of the Body Composition Lab is to measure the amount of fat mass an individual has relative to his/her total mass; however, we also have the ability to measure other aspects of body composition such as bone mineral density and total body water. This lab also works in close collaboration with the Exercise Physiology Lab and the Neuromuscular Lab to provide a complete physiological assessment.

The majority of research studies from this lab focus on measuring the validity and the reliability of various body composition assessment methods. However, some studies evaluate longitudinal changes in body composition as the result of exercise and/or nutritional treatments.

The Body Composition Lab gradually evolved from a portion of the Exercise Physiology Lab, and initially consisted of only an underwater weighing tank. Today, the lab is its own entity and is one of the most well equipped Body Composition Laboratories in the United States. It is used for instruction during portions of KIN 4100 (Exercise Physiology), KIN 5100 (Fitness Assessment & Exercise Program Design), and KIN 6440 (Body Composition).

In addition to course instruction and research, this lab is the setting for body composition testing (e.g., body fat percentage test) for the community. If you are interested in a body composition assessment, please visit this link.


Please contact the lab director if you are interested in research opportunities within the Body Composition Lab, either as a study participant or as a research assistant.