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Biomechanics Laboratory

The mission of the laboratory is to: 1) Educate students on the methods used in biomechanics research and to provide them with resources for conducting exceptional biomechanics research; 2) discover knowledge that pertains to neuromusculoskeletal performance and rehabilitation; and 3) develop evidence-based practices relating to injury prevention as well as the rehabilitation of movement and postural dysfunctions in persons with disability.


The USU Biomechanics Laboratory can be rooted back to the mid 1980’s when Steve Dunn began using a dedicated space in the HPER building to teach basic hands-on concepts related to biomechanics. By the early 1990’s Julianne Abendroth-Smith became the director of the laboratory and, with her appointment, basic kinetic and kinematic equipment were acquired. Dr. Eadric Bressel became the director in 2001 and has since advanced the laboratory to function as a multi-purpose space for educating students and conducting research into the sport and clinical biomechanics of human movement.  

In 2012, Dennis Dolny envisioned moving the Biomechanics Laboratory to the SCCE, which had a grand opening on May 3rd, 2018. The Biomechanics Laboratory is currently located on the 1st floor of the SCCE and is housed within the Dennis G. Dolny Human Movement Research Clinic. In the SCCE, the Biomechanics Laboratory is comprised of an aquatic suite providing access to an aquatic treadmill and a shared Motion Analysis Laboratory providing access to an instrumented over ground treadmill in addition to other relevant research technologies. The Biomechanics Laboratory is further supported by the Neuromechanics Laboratory, which provides access to an optical motion capture system.


If you are interested in getting involved, contact Dr. Louder. Please note that availability within the lab is determined by the needs of the current projects. Visit the Research Opportunities page for this lab to learn more.