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Academic Advisors


The Kinesiology and Health Science advising services are an integral part of helping you achieve academic successWe are an excellent resource to help you decide on a major, select appropriate classes, and help you plan for your future in your chosen profession. Each student is assigned an academic advisor based on your current major or major of interest.

The KHS advisors do not accept walk-in appointments, students are expected to set up an appointments in advance. Advisors are also available to answer questions through email. You can email them directly or

Students should schedule an academic advising appointment each semester to:

  • Select or change your college major
  • Organize a semester-by-semester plan for graduation or to declare a major using Degree works
  • Check progress towards graduation
  • Access USU resources and understand USU policies
  • Connect department resources and co-curricular opportunities
  • Evaluate and approve graduation applications
  • Prepare for registration
  • Explanations of transfer information
  • And More!

Prepare for your appointment by reviewing these guidelines.

Information about our programs and tracking sheets are available through our website.

Graduate students in the Kinesiology and Health Science are advised by the department Graduate Program Coordinator and their Major Professor. Graduate students will be referred to the GPC for their questions to be answered.

DegreeWorks for Academic Planning

DegreeWorks is a degree auditing report program. Some of its features are:

  • Track your progress towards graduation.
  • Exploring requirements for different majors.
  • Planning out your future semesters.

Logging into DegreeWorks

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Access/Banner
  3. Click on Login to Access/Banner and login using your A# and password
  4. Click on Student
  5. Click on Student Records
  6. Click on DegreeWorks

DegreeWorks Tutorial  

Visit our FAQs page for more information.

Academic Advisor
Name: Raquel Friddle
Phone: 435-797-1278
Appt: Schedule
Prgms: KIN: PPT
HEP: Community Health
Recreation Admin
Academic Advisor
Name: Jose Chavez
Phone: 435-797-0837
Appt: Schedule
Prgms: KIN: PE Teaching
KIN: Ex Sci
Academic Advisor
Name: Jana Johnson
Phone: 435-797-2490
Appt: Schedule
Prgms: HEP: Health Sci
General Studies
Peer Advisor
Name: Ryan Hannig
Phone: 435-797-1278
Appt: Schedule
Prgms: Program Exploration
KHS minors