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Kinesiology & Health Science

The Kinesiology and Health Science (KHS) Department at Utah State is committed to educating and serving students and members of both local and extended communities in the fields of kinesiology, health science, and recreation administration. Our department works toward this goal as we prepare students for careers in their fields through both our undergraduate and graduate programs. Within our department, there are four main classifications of our programs: kinesiology, health science, recreation administration, and activity courses.

Kinesiology is the study of the mechanics of body movement. Students studying disciplines in this area are able to pursue careers in exercise science, physical therapy, or physical education. Health science focuses on the knowledge of health and the application of that knowledge to improve health. Recreation administration focuses on providing meaningful activities and programs to help improve the quality of life for those they serve. Our department also offers an extensive elective lifetime-skill activity course program available to all USU students.

Under the direction of nationally recognized faculty, students are able to participate in innovative research methods and internships across the disciplines of study. The KHS department works to develop connections and relationships with the community through our programs to help improve the required internship experience of students. The department produces cutting-edge research in eight well-equipped laboratories to advance the understanding of human movement and motor behavior during physical activity.

Our Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

KHS News Stand Highlights

Change Management for Public Health Webinar

Change Management for Public Health Webinar


September 14, 2021, the Utah Chapter of Society for Public Health Education (USOPHE) held a webinar titled Change Management for Public Health. KHS faculty member Dr. Steve Hawks was one of the presenters and it was a great opportunity for HEP MPH student...

KHS Department Jeopardy Game

KHS Department Jeopardy Game


The Kinesiology program hosted an exercise physiology jeopardy game. This event was part of the efforts to help students get to know each other and interact with faculty outside of the classroom.

September 2021 Faculty Spotlight

September 2021 Faculty Spotlight


The Faculty Spotlight Series showcases the work of our incredible faculty. Faculty are selected to highlight the innovative and exceptional work that they accomplish and the work these faculty do from day to day to help our department run smoothly. This m...

Additional news and updates are available through the KHS News Stand.

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