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KHS Student Clubs


Kinesiology and Health Science clubs are a great resource for undergraduate and graduate students who are want to steepen the trajectory of their careers by taking advantage of additional learning resources, guest speakers, applied events and activities, networking, and service opportunities.

USU Pre-OT Club

A Pre-Professional club based out of Utah State University in Logan, Utah helping students gain a clear understanding of the field of OT, provide resources, knowledge, and events for the purposes of engaging students in meaningful, preparatory activities as they prepare for Grad-School in Occupational Therapy.


USU Recreation Management Club



USU Pre-Physical Therapy Club

A pre-professional club at Utah State University designed to provide interested students insights into the career of Physical Therapy. Each semester guest speakers and service projects related to the profession provide students opportunities to demonstrate their interest and commitment to the profession. Please contact KHS at for current information.