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Course Syllabi

Health Education & Promotion

Course syllabi are available either below or under the CANVAS course management system when you enroll in the class.

HEP 2000 First Aid

HEP 3600 Intro. Community Health

Human Movement Science

Note- if the syllabus is not available please contact the instructor or locate in the CANVAS course management system when you register for the course.

PEP 2000 Introduction to Physical Education

PEP 2050 Sports Rules Regulation of UHSAA

PEP 2020 Introduction to Physical Therapy

PEP 2100 Skills ! (Swimming, Volleyball, Football)

PEP 2200 Skills 2 (Lifetime Activities)

PEP 2300 Skills 3 (Softball, Basketball, Soccer)

PEP 2400 Skills 4 (Tennis, Badminton, Track & Field)

PEP 2500 Skills 5 (Dance Activities)

PEP 3000 Dynamic Fitness

PEP 3050 Physical Education Elementary School

PEP 3100 Athletic Injuries

PEP 3200 Motor Learning & Tech. Skill Analysis

PEP 3250 Anatomical Kinesiology

PEP 4000 Mental Aspects Sports Performance

PEP 4100 Exercise Physiology

PEP 4200 Biomechanics

PEP 4250 Adv. Coop Work Experience

PEP 4350 Admin. Classroom Mgmt Physical Education

PEP 4400 Evaluation in Physical Education

PEP 4500 Motiv. Strat. Physical Ed & Coaching

PEP 4900 Methods of Physical Education

PEP 5070 Sport Sociology

PEP 5100 Fitness Assessment & Exercise Programs

PEP 5430 History & Philosophy of Physical Education

PEP 5500 Student Teaching Seminar

PEP 6000 Administration of Athletics

PEP 6010 Leadership in KHS

PEP 6020 Curriculum in Physical Education

PEP 6050 Psycholog Asp Sport Perform

PEP 6070 Sport in Society

PEP 6200 Biophysical Asp Phys Act

PEP 6300 Seminar in Human Movement

PEP 6410 Bioenergetics Exerc Metabolism

PEP 6425 Exercise Extreme Environments

PEP 6430 Hist Philos Physical Educ

PEP 6440 Body Composition

PEP 6460 Exerc Electrocardiogram Interp

PEP 6470 Clinical Exercise Prescription

PEP 6480 Adv Cardiovascular Exerc Physiol

PEP 6490 Adv Neuromuscular Exerc Physiol

PEP 6500 Practicum Corporate Wellness

PEP 6550 Athletic Train Clin Ortho !

PEP 6560 Athletic Train Clin Ortho II

PEP 6570 Athletic Train Clin Ortho III

PEP 6580 Athletic Train Clin Ortho IV

PEP 6610 Topics Biomechanics

PEP 6620 Methods Biomechances

PEP 6810 Research Methods Health Sciences

PEP 6830 Motor Learning

PEP 6840 Fundamentals of Motor Behavior

PEP 6850 Neural Aspects of Rehabilitation

Parks and Recreation

These course syllabi are available through the CANVAS course management system when you register for the course or contact course instructor for Syllabi