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Tribal and Rural Opioid Initiative


Tribal and Rural Opioid Initiative (TROI) Emblem

The Tribal and Rural Opioid Initiative uses a community-based, participatory-action approach to creating local change around opioid use disorder treatment and recovery in rural and tribal communities in Utah. Supported by a rural community advisory board, persons in recovery and others affected by substance use and research experts this initiative leverages federal dollars to support local solutions.

To date, our programs include:
- A virtual, evidence-based, professional development curriculum for Substance Use Disorder Counselors and related professionals on harm reduction and treatment best practices
- Culturally humble naloxone trainings ranging in length from 15 minutes to two hours which are available for in-person and virtual delivery to interested community groups.
- An annual, intertribal and rural opioid wellness summit, featuring holistic wellness practices presented by tribal and rural wellness leaders.
- A community volunteer training program focused on creating healthier communities throughout Utah.
- DEBUNKED, the only Utah podcast combining evidence-based health practices with storytelling to debunk myths about harm reduction, opioids and substance use disorders.

The TROI mission is to reduce stigma around harm reduction and substance use disorder, and provide holistic wellness programs that promote healthier communities throughout Utah's rural and tribal communities.