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Neuromechanics Research Lab

Neuromechanics lab in progress
The Neuromechanics Lab investigates the neural control of movement and its relationship with the mechanics of the human body. Our aim is to better understand, how sensory information is used to guide our actions through the use of sensory probes, electrophysiological recording devices and psychophysics.

Our senses are often described as the brain's window to the outside world. The information arising from the senses allow our brain to know what is happening both within and around us, and plan our behavior accordingly.  Sensation and motion are in fact so entwined that at some levels of the nervous system sensation directly drives our actions. The mission of the Neuromechanics Lab is to unveil these relationships, or mappings, between sensation and action by exposing a) the mechanisms underlying sensory information's role in generating human movement and b) how this mapping is shaped by the mechanics of the human body.

Recruitment and Training

Currently, we are actively recruiting graduate and undergraduate students to work on projects related to a variety of topics:

  • The vestibular contribution to balance and it's role in fall prevention
  • The influence of gravity on motion perception
  • Sensory mapping during movement transition
  • Vision and motion sickness 

Trainees and Applicants to work in the Neuromechanics lab will gain experience in areas related to:

  1. Neuroscience, biomechanics and human physiology
  2. Data analysis and statistics
  3. Research methods
  4. Computer programming (Matlab, Labview, R)

The training received through working in the Neuromechanics lab will be directly relevant to job professions such as: Medicine, Physiotherapy, General Sciences, Academia, Biomedical Engineering, Data Sciences

Application information for Undergraduate and Master's degrees in Kinesiology and Health Sciences at Utah State University can be found at

Students looking to pursue a PhD can do so through the Neuroscience specialization or the Pathokinesiology specialization.

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