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Research Opportunities

Students working in the biomechanics laboratories will have the opportunity to be involved in projects that focus on relationships between anatomical structures, mechanics, and injuries and how they pertain to the rehabilitation for people with disabilities. For example, there are excellent opportunities to focus on aquatic-based research for a number of applications, including aquatic therapy for spinal cord injury, stroke, obesity, low back pain, osteoarthritis, and strength conditioning.

Current Projects

  • Biomechanical comparison of countermovement jumps performed on land and in water
  • Using a dual task paradigm for assessing the effect of water immersion on brain activity
  • Acute and chronic effects of aquatic treadmill training on land treadmill running kinematics
  • Effect of water immersion and jet resistance on postural steadiness
  • Effect of aquatic treadmill exercise on treating symptoms of osteoarthritis