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Biomechanics Facilities

There are three laboratory spaces dedicated to biomechanics research. One laboratory is located in the Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER) Building and occupies about 3,000 square feet of space. This laboratory features a three-dimensional (3-D) motion capture system (Vicon MX system with seven Vicon T20 cameras), two Bertec force platforms, high speed Bassler video cameras, a BIOPAC MP150 data acquisition system, a Delsys 4-channel electromyography system, Delsys Trigno Wireless Electromyography system, PCB accelerometers, electrogoniometers, a Biodex isokinetic dynamometer, a FSA seat pressure system, and many software programs such as Acknowledge, Polygon, Visual 3D, Matlab, Netforce, BioAnalysis, Labview, and EMGworks. For the purposes of teaching biomechanics to undergraduate students, the laboratory includes numerous Vernier sensors and software.

A second laboratory space is located in the newly constructed Sorenson Legacy Foundation Center for Clinical Excellence (CCE) building and occupies about 800 square feet of space. This laboratory is dedicated to clinical biomechanics research and features an imbedded force-sensing treadmill (AMTI Mobius), a wearable sensor system for monitoring motion (17 sensor APDM Opal monitors), and various equipment for physical rehabilitation.

A third laboratory space in the CCE building occupies about 800 square feet of space and is a dedicated aquatic research laboratory. This laboratory space features an 8’x12’ underwater treadmill manufactured by HydroWorx (model 2000). This pool features a variable depth floor, resistant jets, and a five camera underwater motion monitor system. This laboratory space also features a waterproof force platform (AMTI), a metabolic cart (Parvo Medics) and flow meter for measure water current velocity.

CCE Building

Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER)

HPER Location

CCE Building

Sorenson Center for Clinical Excellence (CCE)

CCE Location