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Research Labs

Besides offering a whole host of academic degrees, the KHS is home to variety of research disciplines and research labs. From researching neurological development, to researching biological systems from a mechanical perspective, the professors within the KHS are discovering more and more about the human body. Within the KHS are six labs: the Exercise Physiology Lab, the Biomechanics Lab, the Motor Rehabilitation & Learning Lab, the Body Composition Lab, the Sports Medicine Lab, and the Sensory Motor Behavior Lab. Click below to find out more about each of these labs and how you could get involved.

Exercise Physiology Lab

The Exercise Physiology Lab provides opportunities for the measurement of energy expenditure through the ParvoMedics True 2400 metabolic cart along with heart rate and blood pressure monitoring during rest and exercise. Numerous treadmills, cycle ergometers, elliptical trainers and select resistance exercise equipment provide a diverse execs mode selection. Lactate analysis through fingertip sampling plus hypoxia simulation using an oxygen extraction system allows for monitoring of simulated high altitude environments.

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Body composition Lab

The Body Composition Lab provides opportunities to conduct body composition determination through the use of skin folds, bioelectrical impedance, hydrostatic weighing and body plythesmography.  

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Biomechanics and Motion Analysis Lab

The mission of the laboratory is to: 1) Educate students on the methods used in biomechanics research and to provide them with resources for conducting exceptional biomechanics research; 2) discover knowledge that pertains to the performance and rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system; and 3) develop strategies to improve injury prevention and the rehabilitation of people with disabilities effecting movement and postural dysfunctions.

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Sports Medicine Lab

The sports medicine lab researches ways to improve the human body. Within the Sports Medicine Lab, There are 24 treatment tables, a 2,000 square foot physical therapy and rehabilitation center, two aquatic treadmill Hydroworx therapy pools (Hydroworx 2000 and 500) for non-weight or partial weight-bearing rehabilitation, and one Hydroworx cold plunge pool.

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The mission of the Motor Rehabilitation and Learning (MRL) Lab (PI: Sydney Schaefer, PhD) at Utah State University is to conduct human research that will be applied directly to clinical physical rehabilitative practice. We have a number of ongoing studies within the MRL Lab, as well as several community-based efforts.

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Sensory Motor Behavior Lab

The general research of the Sensory Motor Behavior Laboratory concerns how we plan for and control movements that occur in sequence.

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